I offer a free consultation, which lasts about 30 minutes, to discuss your needs and how the KonMari Method works. It helps us to get to know each other and see if my service is a good fit for you. The consultation is completely confidential, relaxed and without judgement.

Consultations are over the telephone, Skype or Facetime.



£35 per hour (minimum 3 hours)


We thoughtfully go through your home together, working one-to-one, a category at a time. I support you every step of the way.  While we clear the clutter you will learn skills to maintain a clutter-free lifestyle. These sessions typically last up to 5 hours.


  • I am happy to travel up to 20 miles each way. Any return trip over 40 miles in total will incur an additional charge of 45p per mile.​

  • Time spent disposing of items to the Charity Shop is added.

  • An invoice will be issued and is payable within 7 days or before the next session by cash, cheque or BACS.

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