Create a perfectly organised study space

Creating a dream study space is actually a really simple and quick project to complete. A well-designed, clutter-free study space can make all the difference to your motivation, concentration and ability to learn.

Clutter clear-up

Getting rid of clutter and organising notes & revision supplies is the best way to get started. Remove everything that doesn’t assist with the task at hand or help to motivate and inspire you. Have a quick clean, with a drop of lemon oil which smells amazing and uplifts the mood, and you'll feel so much better already!

Goodbye to distractions

Think about the things that easily distract you. Take these items out of the room - TVs, computers and phones are the obvious ones to avoid. If you need to use a laptop, try downloading an app that blocks you from accessing distracting websites for a set amount of time, such as ‘Selfcontrol’.

Get in the Comfort Zone

You will spend hours in your study space so it’s essential it feels like a comfortable haven. Think about how to make your chair and desk arrangement as comfy as possible so you can concentrate more easily. Create a layout where everything you need is to hand.

Light it up!

Lighting is vitally important in creating the right mood and improving mental motivation. Try and find the right level for you - too bright can bring on headaches and overstimulate you but too dark makes it tricky to read your notes and zaps energy. Use as much natural light as possible – this always enhances the way we feel and our ability to focus.

If you like the sound of it

Everyone is different – don’t worry if you need a little background noise to get any work done while others prefer total silence. Some like the low-level background noise of a radio station or even create a revision playlist to work along to. Soothing natural sounds or gently uplifting music can help too. Ask others in the house to be considerate to keep noise clutter to a minimum.

Your happy place

Make your new temporary ‘living’ space more homely by adding a few personal touches, after all you’ll be spending lots of time here! Perhaps add some special photos or items that bring you joy. They will motivate you and be an all-important positive boost to your mood.

Right on time

An analogue clock that is easily visible is essential to help you manage and organise your time. The digital one on your smartphone is not ideal and is also a temptation to drift on to the internet. Also, keep your well-organised revision schedule visible so you always know when you should be working on a topic and for how long.

Keeping it calm

Now you’ve created your perfect study space, it’s vital you keep it mess-free and organised until exams & projects are over. Put away books & notes you’re not working with at the current time and devote just five minutes every morning to re-setting this space to it’s original glory.

Declutter your mind

Organising your space leaves your head clearer and ready to work. Remember, breaks also re-set your mind – exercise, movement, outdoor time, mindfulness activities, listening to calming music or just fun, down-time with friends can help to declutter your mind and leave you feeling totally refreshed.

Now you’re calm, organised and ready to do this!

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