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It's lovely to meet you.

My name is Lynn Kirk and I live in Quorn, North Leicestershire with my husband, two daughters and our miniature sausage dogs, Lola and Dolly. I understand when life is busy it’s easy for our homes to become cluttered - I’ve been there! I also know how life can transform when you tidy and organise your home.

My tidying journey began in 2016 when I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. by Japanese organising expert, Marie Kondo.  As a busy working mum, overwhelmed with stuff, I was keen to try anything that promised to ‘banish clutter forever’. The results truly were life-changing. I got rid of two thirds of my clothes and car loads of stuff left the house. I love living with less; life is easier, less stressful and everyone feels happier. 

I felt so much happier after tidying my own home, it inspired a change of career! After a successful career in marketing and education, I retrained with Marie Kondo in New York and APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) here in the UK to become a KonMari® Consultant and Professional Organiser. It’s a great way to put my project management and coaching skills to good use! It’s the loveliest job and I am very grateful to be able to support my wonderful clients on their life-changing journey. 

Lynn Kirk Happily Sorted Professional Organiser

The KonMari Method®

The Philosophy

The KonMari Method® was developed by tidying Consultant, Marie Kondo and is based on the idea of keeping in your life only the things that speak to your heart or 'spark joy'.

If your belongings longer spark joy, they are thanked for the role they have played in your life before they are respectfully let go of.

What people love about this philosophy is not only that it is effective, but also that it is such a mindful, optimistic and reflective approach. The benefits go far beyond having a tidy home - it’s about choosing a more simple, joyful life.

Find out more on the KonMari website or watch Marie in action in her show, Sparking Joy, on Netflix.

The Method 



Commit yourself to tidying up


Imagine your ideal lifestyle

STEP  3 

Finish discarding first 

STEP  4 

Tidy by category not by location​


Follo​w the correct order


Ask yourself does it spark joy

KonMari Method

By clearing space we do more than just save time and money. We raise our self-awareness, self-esteem and improve the energy in our home or workplace. We open ourselves up to change and new possibilities and are in much a better position to achieve our goals. When you put your house in order it really can change your life! Do you feel ready to begin your life-changing journey?

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