Happily Sorted is a professional organising and decluttering company, specialising in the KonMari Method™. Certified Platinum KonMari™ Consultant.

Helping people live happier, more organised lives.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with stuff?

  • Does your home always feel cluttered?

  • Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams?

  • Is your paperwork out of control?

  • Or moving, down-sizing or clearing the home of a relative? 


I can help you re-think the items you choose to own and how to use your space to give you a clutter-free, calm life and let you focus on what's important to you.


"This company has helped me to uncover a whole new level of happiness in every room of my house and in many aspects of my life. A valuable and memorable experience being gently guided to make careful decisions about the objects I choose to own. The effects are positive in so many ways and the results have been truly joyful."

Nicola, Loughborough


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